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So, I’m a sucker

I’ve been had. Actually paid the $9.99, received receipt of purchase from Apple but the app allows me to do absolutely nothing. Going to the app support takes me to a screen requesting I download the app. That’s already been done. There seems to be no way to contact the developer. I want my money back.

Don't waste your money

Just don't bother. I have absolutely no problem paying for something, but this just doesn't work. I bought the 5 pack, "blocked" those nasty slobs the kardashians, kanye, beyonce, beiber and jayz; and guess what? I still see articles about every single one of them, every single day. I mainly use Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail. Just now I went on Buzzfeed, and right there, front and center, was an article about kim kardashian and the stupid boots she was wearing. Save yourself the money, time and aggravation. It doesn't work .

Doesn't work

This app is just as dumb as the Kardashians

Not working so well

So far news about Jenners and Rob Kardashian has gotten thru on Yahoo. Very disappointed that content is still getting through

AppFlume, will you marry me?

You get one free credit if you share on Facebook. I used my free credit to block Kim Kardashian, and the Internet is now a better place. Let me emphasize: you can block about 90% of all Kim Kardashian drivel for free. You see 90% less Kim Kardashian. It's as if a development team of angels created this app. I feel like donating money to the company that made this. I might send flowers to their office. I've never felt this way about a company before. They deserve some kind of humanitarian award for this. Do they like chocolates? I'm going to send them a box of chocolates. I wish I were a poet so I could better express my appreciation for this app. If I were a Queen, I would knight every single person in this company. I installed this App, set it up, and it's as if the hand of God touched my iPad and made the Internet significantly less stupid. I want to climb the highest mountain to sing praises to this App. Don't listen to reviewers that complain some Kim Kardashian drivel still oozes through. If you were getting smacked upside the head 100 times a day and someone reduced it to 10 times a day, would you trash them in an AppStore review? I wouldn't. I would write a lengthy review exalting their goodness, their industry and their grace. AppFlume, I salute you. I shall now go explore all your other apps, buy your $9 BlockEm package to show my support, have Amazon send your office chocolates and tell everyone know about this shining ray of light called BlockEm.

Not free.

I wouldn't have minded paying to earn"credits" to block even one person if the app wasn't advertised as "free" to begin with. I'll try a different app.

Pretty good! Please add Trump!

Maybe Johnny Depp too? Definitely add Trump and Martin Skreli. Anyone punchable.

"Free" app needs credits purchased

Absolutely crap that you have to earn or buy credits in order for it to function as advertised. I'm all for not seeing celebrities in the news, but it is definitely not worth it.

Not sure yet...could be better.

Once you install the app, you have to purchase credits to block a certain number of celebrities. For the price, it should work better. I blocked the Kardashian family and I still got four posts about them so far today. I expected better results.

Why do I see Kanye on my time line?

I bought you 3 pack for $1.99 and I still see Kanye on my timeline...I'm trying to get an understanding as to why? Does it not work on Facebook?

Awesome app!!

Yes, you do have to pay for it, but not seeing the Kardashian/jenner nonsense constantly is so refreshing and completely worth it.

It's good but could be better

I loathe anything Kardashian and for the most part this app blocks articles and news feed regarding them. However it doesn't block them in Facebook or CNN. So please improve! I don't want to see there face anywhere.


Advertised as a free app but NOPE you have to pay to use its features! If anyone truly payed just to block some stupid celebrities, then you have some issues... Burn in hell app creators.

don't bother downloading this "free app"

This app should not be advertised as free if you have to pay to actually use any of its features. It's completely worthless. I shouldn't have to pay money so I don't have to ready about celebrities lives that don't matter. Don't download this worthless app. Completely unsatisfied.

Block more celebrities.

How about adding Rihanna ?

This app works, worth the extra

This app works, bottom line. Yes it is a free app. It's a trial. If you are not a free loading cheep skate like the rest of these reviewers, complaining about having to pay for something that ACTUALLY rids your internet news page of the Kardashians. I paid for the unlimited to rid myself of West and his debt. WORTH IT!


Great app ignore the comments from cheap people below. I was totally willing to pay big bucks to never see a Kardashian post again, but I did it for free by sharing it on my Twitter. It works great. Totally worth it. Best app ever

Thank you!

Thank you to the creator of this app! We finally don't have to see the news of useless famous people who don't do anything but lay around!

App is lame!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Really?!?!?!?! I need to pay money? Get out of here I hope your business goes down.

Makes you pay to use

And by pay I mean use credits to block the celebs. Looks pretty... Pretty dumb


You have to earn credits in order to block. It's not free!!

Absolutely Awesome!!!

Thank you AppFlume for for ridding my news reading of these useless examples of vanity and superficiality. My iPad thanks you too. All the negative reviewers that won't pay a buck to delete the Kardashians from their lives get what they pay for. Best dollar I ever spent. Seriously, thank you. I bought a 3 pack and got rid of Kanye too. I have one left and will use it wisely I promise. Please people, it's only $.99 to show these idiots who's the boss. You are.

I think it's working!

After seeing the 4th Kardashian non story on Apple news, I was desperate to block all things Kardashian. Yes, I had to pay a whopping $.99! Gladly do without 1 coffee to block those people! -*Only blocks on 1 device.-*Not all is blocked.

App whoring

What a shock.


Hero to Zero! Not a single credit to see how it works before you buy. Good idea. Poor execution.

LAME! "Free" App

The app doesn't let you block a single thing without buying credits, but purports to be free all the way up until the second you click "block".

Have to purchase "credits"

Claims it's a free app but you can't block anyone unless you purchase credits or share to social media. No thanks


Due to a mix of desperation to get rid of all news Kardashian, and curiosity to see if the app really worked, I stupidly paid for the "credits", that this not so free app makes you pay for in order to block a celebrity. I couldn't wait to see if it worked, and got on Twitter, it hadn't! I did everything from logging in and out of my Twitter, to restarting my phone, but after a couple scrolls my Twitter feed was still littered with Kardashians! So now I'm out the money and still forced to see the ridiculousness that is the Kardashians!! 😡 Good app in theory, if it actually worked it could be the greatest invention of all time!

Worst app ever

Doesn't even allow you to use it once without paying


So it's a free app right? Think again. Once you download it and try to block people, it tells you to buy credits. I'll just ignore the celebrities for free, thanks.


Free to download, but not to use for its intended purpose!

Scam app.

Trying to rip you off. Don't do it.


After you get your hopes up ... then you discover that you can't block anybody at all until you pay a hefty price. The cost is 99 cents for the first person .. or $1.99 for 3 people .. or $2.99 for 5 people .. or $9.99 for "unlimited" ... BUT 'UNLIMITED" IS ONLY 16 PRE-DETERMINED PEOPLE!! You can download the app for free .. but you can't use it or see if it works properly until you pay. In my opinion the developer has made a huge marketing error by over-reaching with the fees .. they should have offered a free trial period (at least) .. and lower the price dramatically unless you eliminate the limit of 16 pre-determined names and allow the users to block any names and words they choose. Back to the drawing board .. this app is on the right track with filtering annoying peeps .. but the execution is bound to be a big stumble.

No stars

How stupid that you have you purchase credits to get to use the app. You don't even get one free to see if it actually works. Total waste of time

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